Today Umalas is the most prestigious destination and area for living. Located between Seminyak, Canggu, and Kerobokan, it occupies a special place on the map of the island. Expats and tourists have long chosen it from all over the world. The area, where rice fields and rivers’ tranquility are surrounded by a modern, fashionable rhythm of life with sports clubs, international schools, and various culinary delights from different parts of the planet.

A unique modern cluster ESCAPE concept villas, located in the very center of Umalas on the so-called golden mile.
Adjacent to the famous villa complex and Santai restaurant.
To the left of the entrance is the ECO cafe, on the right is the ABDI Medica Clinic. Around the cluster, there are many cozy cafes, spas, restaurants, and magnificent rice fields.
ESCAPE concept villas immediately amaze you with their unique design. If you value a modern, innovative approach to design and architecture, then ESCAPE is the place for you. We are sure that you will feel at home here.