ESCAPE Concept Villas

Upscale living & investment potential
in our gated properties

ESCAPE Concept Villas

Upscale living & investment potential
in our gated properties
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ESCAPE Concept Villas are the contemporary cluster of comfort, coziness and harmony, synchronized with natural beauty of local landscapes, integrated in the heart of the trendiest Bali’s hotspot districts, inviting you for your next life chapter of journey and experience.

The philosophy behind the concept is based on three fundamental values: live smart, work passionate, rest inspired. The principles, that are helping to unite and build community across variation of citizens from all over the globe. Investors, travelers, life changers and entrepreneurs in one exceptional place. The principles that are helping to combine cultural differences and similarities into a single whole, with a purpose of sustainable future in such a rapidly changing world environment.

ESCAPE Concept Villas are offering you exquisite modern design with rational and intelligent space approach for each and every architectural project form, securing the attention to detail, whoever is visiting the residence. The finest standards of quality and finishing materials are outlining minimalist perfection, with tangible and noticeable fillingness of beauty.

Welcome to ESCAPE.
Meet our project
ESCAPE Concept Villas will be carefully crafted in Kuta District region, on the so-called golden mile, located in core and strategic surrounding named Umalas.

Today, Umalas represents prestigious area with fabulous infrastructure, due to the unique positioning in the middle of trendy Seminyak – Kerobokan - Canggu triangle.

Being just a few minutes away from a key zones and facilities, but still protecting your harmony from noisy neighborhoods, daily hustle and city traffic. It is a perfect spot to merge with unique tranquil Bali lifestyle either by yourself or either by your villa guests or tenants.

It is the place which pulls tourists across the world. It is the place where variations of traditions meet. It is the place where your life conformity is born.
Perfect for ESCAPE
Walking distance:
Spa and beauty
Grocery stores
Medical center
Inspiring feeling of sense in detailed atmosphere
International school – 1,5 km
Airport – 13 km
Shopping center – 12 km
Ocean beach – 3 km
A collection of exclusive EsCAPE villas with a signature proposal
Villa "Inspirу"
Villa "Passion"
Villa "Smart"
To be completed 2025
To be completed 2025
To be completed 2025
Private pool
4 bedrooms
Spa Zone
Private pool
Private pool
2 bedrooms
2 bedrooms
Choose your own personal life value
Choose your own personal life value
Exceptional FOR ESCAPE
A Little bit more than just a private residence
To fulfill expectation from the ownership, ESCAPE villas providing full bespoke management services for both owners, guests or tenants.

Strong partnership with one of the market leaders in hospitality management in Bali for over a decade, assure, that investments returns will be fair, realistic and based on the real market conditions.

Property running is covering all aspects of daily management routine. (e.g. marketing, property inspection, reporting, administration, housekeeping, maintenance works, etc.)
Property management with minimum owners’ intervention
PUBLIC infrastructure
Being a part of ESCAPE community, owners will get gated access to the multifunctional public facility with a number of private services, which makes ownership far more pleased, convenient and beneficial.

Visit a gym or practice yoga, discuss work-life balance matters in co-working area, have a lunch break in a café or watch your favorite sport broadcast at the bar. Take your time. The rest will be handled by internal cluster management team.
Restaurant & Bar
Integrated Landscape
Yoga Area
Security Post H24
Concierge Service
Maintenance Team
Cluster Administration
Minimalist design with tangible and noticeable filligness of beauty
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